Bad Economy = Career Opportunity

For a lot of people a bad economy means bad opportunity, when in reality with the right attitude this economy can proivde plenty of opportunities.  First off you need to think creativly about your skill set and where these can be applied.  Now can be the time to change industry and take advantage of some of the new opportunities being funded by the stimulus $’s from DC.  Energy is one place to look, utilities, alternative energy technology  companies – think solar, wind, wave.  The auto industry is seeing the birth of new companies.

As in any start-up period there will be a shake out of companies and anyone pursuing these opportunities may look at several job losses.  If this doesn’t fit your current needs then think about temporary work. In a sense today we’re all contingent workers with people moving in and out of companies whether by choice or being pushed.  Better to always be looking for the next challenge than waiting and worrying.


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